Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September song

Yesterday was the first of September, a date which always makes me anxious, for some reason. Probably because up until half-a-century ago it was the start of the month which would find me obliged to get back to school or studies.

The illustration at the top of this post I discovered on the ever eclectic Fffound website. The design also dates back half-a-century and more.

But Munich's main attractions haven't really changed that much, it's still a city whose history remains one of its main attractions.

Although the 'sch√∂ne M√ľnchnerinnen' are not to be forgotten!

In the shot below, my daughter, yes. My dog. No. Hers. I'm a cat person, to the extent that I have any preference with regard to house pets. I get along without them very well.

Not far away at Odeonsplatz I spotted this very splendid piece of automobile engineering, a Mercedes SLR McLaren, worth almost a half a million Euros.
I can certainly get along without that, too.

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