Monday, January 25, 2010

Le néant

The perfectly brilliant Paris map, descriptive of the denizens of particular parts of the city, was forwarded to me in Munich by an old mate who now calls California home.

But when we worked together in Paris the office was where the map makers claims that nothing (Rien) is worth noting about that part of town. Okay, to be honest our location was almost on the border of the gay (Pédés) zone. Which we could take, if we were so inclined, as the motto: gay or nothing!

Can my readers tell that I have been reading MLIA? There was an extremely long few weeks during which this priceless site seemed to be down. But when I opened Google Reader this morning there were over 400 new anecdotes waiting for me. The one cited below I can fully endorse...

#609267 Today, I printed off 391 pages of MLIA so that if, for some horrible reason, there is no MLIA in the future, I will still have some to read to my children as they grow up. MLIA

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