Thursday, February 25, 2010

CabSat, again!

Not my photograph, alas. But a perfect evocation of winter by the inimitable Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist. Love those Louboutins braving the blizzard!

After two months of living with the white stuff on the streets and sidewalks of Munich we could yesterday rejoice in the fact that only a few traces remain and the sun tempted the hardy to take morning coffee at outside tables, as the photo below testifies.

Seasons come and go, as do events in the annual calendar of media professionals. Almost exactly eight years ago it was the CabSat television industry fair in Dubai which was the pretext for my first ever visit to the Sandlands. And it seems quite likely that I shall be attending again this year... that is to say, next week.

Which means that my birthday will again be a marginal note in my CabSat diary. As it was one year when the occasion was marked with typical Hard Rock Café jollity, involving standing on the table and being covered liberally with whipped cream while doing one's best to mime the YMCA moves. Another year found our delegation at a long table next to the swimming pool behind the World Trade Centre apartments, and that was to duly note that I had reached a pensionable age! I fear that I nevertheless defiantly wore my kilt.

This year... we shall see. If the trip happens it means that the planned Dad-and-Daughter gourmet dinner will have to be postponed for a week or so.

I believe I shall be forgiven.

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