Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspirational baggage

I dare say it is a question of age! In general I am pretty much aware of what I as a storyteller carry with meas 'inspirational baggage'. In terms of film, both stylistically and thematically, I would claim that my ambitions are equally informed by Eric Rohmer and Roger Vadim. As for my efforts as wordsmith, given my consumption of two trade paperback in an average week, it is harder to cite authors who influence my writing although, as I have stated previously, I remain a big fan of the Rankin-Brookmyre-Jardine school of Scottish crime fiction.

Which brings me to the Canal du Midi.

Huh? Nothing I write is set at any significant distance from this mythic waterway. And I had completely forgetten that Les Valseuses had its place in my 'inspirational baggage'.

But now to fast forward... As well as schlepping with me heavy 'inspirational baggage' I also have 'aspirational baggage' to deal with. The second video is Wired Magazine's take on future forms of content presentation. I watch, I am impressed and I wonder what this implies beyond the sector of factual communication, in the realm of interactive narrative storytelling.

And, finally for today, I watched video #3, summarizing the ubiquity of 'green screen' technology in today's television series, and enjoyed a tiny moment of pridein the fact that the series I produced back in the late nineties, City Express, used this system in each and every single weekly episode of the series!

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