Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tempus f****it

The Paris Daily Photo site has a shot reminding us that today the clocks are to be put an hour forward. By chance the location is a café called les Editeurs, which is a mere hop skip and jump distant from the Hotel Louisiane where I stay when ever I'm lucky enough to visit the city.

With the café expressing the theme of publishing and with my hotel having been the favourite of literary luminaries... it must be clear that I am summoning up any and all the available talismans and harbingers of good fortune.

I shall need all the luck I can get! For the record, at the close of 'day one' on the Authonomy site Golden Dawn is ranked #3306 and has been commented by three well-wishers

Thanks, particularly to Keefie, for the support.

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Jessi said...

wanna visit this cafe next time :)