Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Video

I have always been a fan of a capella voices. And I find the video I just discovered a real pleasure to listen to.

But the way this end result has been achieved... the connectivity spanning the globe to involve the participating singers... is truly awesome.

And I find it very fitting on this day... my first day with broadband at home! Well, sort-of-broadband... 805 kbps download, 649 kbps upload... More or less 16 Meg service, I reckon.

But a lot better than schlepping across to the local internet café!

Update: Steve Safran of the authoritative media news site Lost Remote has this to say about the video...

"This is breathtaking. Composer Eric Whitacre sent out sheet music for his all-voice composition “Lux Arumque” and asked people to sing parts on their webcam. The result is astonishing: 185 voices from 12 countries pieced together. If all Whitacre had done was mix the audio – that would have been a remarkable achievement. But the video puts this one over the top."

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