Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Floppies R.I.P.

Sony announces the end of floppy disk production.

Michael Rosenblum sums up well...

"The floppy disk held 1.4mb of data. The postage stamp sized card in my digital Leica holds 16GB of data. I don’t think that the floppy would hold even one RAW photo. Look at your iPod and then realize that the floppy does not have enough capacity to hold even one song per disk.

I still have a couple of single-sided floppies on which the very first files I ever saved in'85 or '86 are lurking, awaiting the day when I stumble across a drive which will read them.

The contents of about 80
double-sided floppies I transferred to an old 'jelly' iMac. At some point I'll have to open each text file in MacWrite, save it in RTF and then hope it re-opens in Word.

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Keefieboy said...

Cripes! I don't think I've used a floppy for about 8 years. But they do still sell them in shops here in Madrid, so somebody must need the pathetic little blighters.