Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mip TV

In the words of Angela Natividad on the MipTV blog...

Trends that shouted the most loudly this market were iPad, 3D television and mobile integration. You could write reams of blogposts about all three, but it may be more useful to wrap up this year's MIPTV with a gentle caution.

The attitude that permeated the atmosphere was a peripheral sense of interest in how digital connectivity, particularly mobile, can contribute to TV formats. A lot of networks are doing interesting things, like BBC and The History Channel. But by and large there remains the desire to find a silver bullet that isn't there: the Winning Idea™ that'll recoup the profits television lost to media fragmentation.
So remember: this isn't about the death of TV, it's about the evolution of storytelling.

That's a conclusion I can live with, even if it is hardly new!

Remember Betamax?

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