Monday, May 24, 2010

A historic double

Yes, it could have been a triple. And yet thousands of the teams fans welcomed them back to the city yesterday. There was celebration and not too much time spent on thinking what might have been.

But I am spending time thinking what might have been... before the end of television.

I ask you to consider another 'double' which became clear last week.

Google TV is not just an evolutionary step in the development of the medium, not as were the milestones of the past... the first community antenna cable system... the first direct-to-home satellite reception. It is much, much more.

I will make no attempt to paraphrase or summarize all that has been written about Google TV. Here are the direct links to the BBC, the Guardian, Variety, Advertising Age, NewTeeVee.

Perhaps the 48HR publishing project is much less ambitious than Google TV. But if Google is a content delivery revolution, 48HR has the makings of a content creation revolution. Read what the BBC has to say about this venture. Or the New York Times. If you have half an hours give a listen to the From Tweets To Eternity podcast here.

To me this seems like a pretty amazing 'double'. I'm almost relieved that it wasn't a 'triple'. Unless, of course, we want to think about the iPad hitting Europe in a few days time...

Or the latest buzz in the DSLR scene... Enough, already!

Update: The video below adds further perspective to the 48HR story...

48HR Magazine - a pocket documentary from ricky montalvo on Vimeo.

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