Friday, May 07, 2010

I think the first time I took any interest in a General Election was when I was eleven. Then, in 1951, Winston Churchill was elected Prime Minister for a second time. Four years later Anthony Eden became Churchill's successor.

What was of interest to a schoolboy in Scotland? One thing for sure, sweets... candy... confectionery... had been rationed for as long as we kids could recall. The Ministry Of Food told us what a household could buy. In 1953 rationing of sweets was ended. Picture joy in the playground!

And yet... I spotted this note on the web, underlining a surprising hidden advantage of rationing...

Many people were better fed during the Second World War than before, as rationing and price controls allowed the less well-off easier access to foods with high nutritional values, while the consumption of fats and sugars was curtailed by shortages.

Allow me to consider that 'food' for thought!

And what are we supposed to think about the election which took place yesterday?

Steve Bell's cartoon in The Guardian makes a point...

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