Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now for the quarter-finals

With four of the eight quarter-finalist teams coming from South America I think FIFA should be very, very scared. Such is the passion for
futbol on that continent that altercations can quickly assume the proportions of civil unrest and result in bloodshed.

Imagine one of the sides being convinced in the coming days that their victory was
stolen from them by a patently over-challenged referee with no recourse to the technology which might ensure... peace!

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nzm said...

That's why they only once replayed the first Tevez goal in the Argentina v. Mexico game in the livestream, as it was being fed to the stadium's big screens. The Mexican fans would have rioted. As it was, the Mexican teams pointed to the replay when they were questioning the goal with the sideline ref. It was never shown again during the broadcast!