Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Hang

Yesterday in Munich's city centre there were the usual street musicians, almost without exception interpreting the excruciatingly limited repertoire which seem to unite street musicians everywhere.

Nor often are there any delightful discoveries to be made. It was a good four years ago when I happened to hear for the first time the Bajan, played by Andrij Shamigov... He was playing in a baroque pedestrian arcade with amazing acoustics in deepest winter. His tracks, loaded from the CD to my iPod, delight me whenever the shuffle function finds them.

Yesterday my musical discovery was the instrument featured in the video above, the Hang. It is not, as I first surmised, an ancient harmonic drum of obscure, but surely remote ethnicity. The first Hang was made only ten years ago in Basel, Switzerland. Not that I in any way see the Swiss as improbable developers of musical instruments... I am a firm fan of the Alphorn.

And now of the Hang, too.

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nzm said...

We first saw these being played by 2 guys in Parc Guell here in Barcelona back in April.

The sound is surreal. Jen bought their CD which we ripped to the iPod and when the tracks play, it's as if sudden peace and serenity has come to the world.

A friend recently posted this clip of a rather eccentric German chappie playing around with one of these!

His YouTube channel has better clips of him playing.