Saturday, August 07, 2010


My thoughts of late have wandered back to the issue of self-publishing and I have shared my latest musings in the form of a guest post on the Slush Pile Reader blog which you can find here.

But my thoughts at this time are also of Holland where, as I write, my daughter is searching for a room to live in when she starts at the University of Maastricht at the end of the month.

And when one thinks of Holland, one thinks of bicycles.

Now... join these two trains of thought and it leads me to absolutely insane notions... I kit out a typical Dutch bakfiets (cargo-carrying tricycle) as a mobile vending unit, don my finest Savile Row double-breasted Prince of Wales pattern suit, limn the eccentric Brit... aging with attitude... and make my sales spiel in London locations said to be frequented by readers of The Guardian.

With a bit of savvy I could arrange for video coverage (well, a mate with an iPhone) of the fracas when I stubbornly refuse to 'move along' when the long arm of the law reaches out to me. My gift of a copy of my book might be seen by Mr Plod as bribery! 

Hah! Instant media exposure! Self-publishing as performance!

Totally far-fetched of course. But shooping the photo was fun!

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