Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank 'eaven for leetle girls!

The music to accompany this post can be found here. When Maurice Chevalier sang the song in Gigi he was about the age I am now!

"Leetle girls get bigger every day!" It was her very first school day in the photo on the left. And now she has a student room in Maastricht awaiting her arrival this afternoon, in a car full of her clothes and bargains bought yesterday at Ikea to furnish the life of a university freshman.

I love her eagerness to get started, her determination to make the very best of the opportunity that higher education offers, to seek challenges and meet them head-on.. 

Will I miss her in Munich, no longer entitled to hope that she will drop into one of the cafés I frequent for a spontaneous drink with Papi?

Let's not go there. Cue music once more!


jessimay said...

Ich hab feuchte Augen... Danke hierfür! I will miss you!
PS: Music doesn't work :(

jessimay said...

Now it worked :) Herrlich!