Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Video 2

It is still weekend here in Munich and certainly in California, whence the tip from my old mate John D.

It was interesting to learn that Best Coast belong to a genre known as lo-fi hookah lounge. Laid back toker ambiente, for sure! And there was I thinking that chill out covered all of this kind of sound. It's never too late to learn.

The video excerpted from the Claude Lelouche movie Un Homme Et Une Femme (love that 'Stang!) was an amusing further encounter with Deauville. On Friday I watched on Arte a two-part television movie biography of Francoise Sagan, in which Deauville was prominently featured.

I may have mentioned before how strange it is to see biographical films in which an actor takes on the role of a person one has actually known. In the Sagan story the writer Bernard Frank was of no small importance. And I met him at a fortieth birthday party given for me in Paris by very dear friends.

Thanks, John. Sun was high (So was I). Happy memories!

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