Friday, September 17, 2010


It's that time again.

This weekend sees the start of the 200th jubilee edition of the Oktoberfest.

"Begleitet werden sie von Blaskapellen, Gebirgsschützen, Trachtlern, Tänzern, Plattlern und – als besonderes Schmankerl – Goaßlschnoizern."

Hooray! Let 'Munich madness' commence.

Although... there are threats of a public transport strike, warnings that taxi drivers will in all probability pull expensive tricks on the unsuspecting and the security measures put in place this year might tend to give visitors an slightly uncomfortable feeling.

Then there is the question of the visitors... the legions of Aussies, the Italians in their mobile homes, the Russians with loadsa dosh... all coming to Bavaria to behave badly.

Oh well, I suppose their entitled to their fun.

And, no, I haven't the foggiest idea what Goaßlschnoizern involves. I passed the challenge to Google... and got 189 hits but no translation!
Fear not, I shall get to the bottom of this!

Update 20 September 2010
Goaßlschnoizern is a very spectacular show in which groups of muscular young men crack bullwhips in such a ways as to give a syncopated rattle of sharp detonations which sound like fireworks.

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