Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ten years on

To my left as I sit in front of my Samsung laptop stands an iMac Bondi. Back in the day I was very happy that I had been able to persuade my father-in-law to join the Mac fraternity with such an innovative device.

I think he enjoyed using it for the few more years he was with us.

Now I fire it up from time to time, in order to be able to access my data from the late eighties and nineties stored on floppies and Zip drives.

But my very earliest single-sided floppies (written on my Mac 512K) defy even the reader plugged into the Bondi.

I wonder if the kids with their iPhone 4s even know that such storage media as single-sided floppies even existed! 

Eheu! Fugaces labuntur anni.

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