Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thilo Sarrazin

"Hate-monger of the month?"

Here in Germany the newspapers, television talk shows and all imaginable media outlets have been full of the Sarrazin story. I've been waiting for a more distanced perspective. And there is now this from The Guardian. 

And yet to be perfectly honest I am still not sure what my position is with regard to all of this. It is easy to deplore the language used by this provocative pamphleteer.

One thing worries me, though. There seems to be very significant support for many of Sarrazin's stance on several hot-button issues.

This support reminds me of the way the preposterous Tea Party movement is thriving in the United States.

And one must note that many French are fully behind their President's purge of the Roma community.

I wonder, indeed I hope, my conclusions are wrong... a conclusion that majorities are increasingly xenophobic and intolerant of otherness... that integration is no longer a goal worth fighting for. 

On the other hand, Sarrazin, Sarkozy and... forgive me... Sarah Palin are articulating concerns which for many are very real. 

All a bit confusing.

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