Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two questions

1. How on earth can CNN be dumb enough to stick a map of Europe behind the anchor man in the studio and with an overlay advise viewers that the correspondent currently contributing to the newscast is in Cologne, Germany... and yet magically re-situate this grand city in a geographical location which appears to be farthest Brittany?

2. How can it be that in my local supermarket yesterday I was confronted with piles of confectionery specific to the German celebration of Christmas, in the form of Stollen, Spekulatius and Lebkuchen, all absolutely associated with the festive season but a good three months in advance thereof? The fact that I grabbed a packet of Spekulatius, which I totally get off on (crumbs on the keyboard!), is neither here nor there. It's the principle of the thing...

Isn't it?

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