Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Audio drama

"John Dryden's three-part serial Severed Threads is all about the random connections between people who have never met each other and how chance events can ripple across cultures and change the lives of people we have never met. It's a mixture of the concept of six degrees of separation and the 'butterfly effect' transposed to globalism in modern India, America, and the U.K."

That is from a BBC Radio 4 blog here. Continuing with my current interest in the audio component of storytelling I decided to listen today to the Afternoon Play, a radio drama anthology which is as old as the channel itself, dating back to 1967.

I was spellbound by the first episode of the three-parter and will certainly listen to the rest.

But what the blog revealed is the way in which the drama was recorded, not in the controlled environment of a radio studio... with Foley FX and all the wonderful trickery of the sound designers... but out on location. And this involved travels to India and the United States as well as recording in London.

Much for me to mull over here!

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