Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Perk up your (Bunny) ears!

I'm not sure of the significance of the announcement that there will soon be a Playboy Club one again on London's Park Lane.

But it certainly sent the reminiscence bells ringing for the Sandlander. 

Back in the mid sixties there was a Playboy Club and it was my playground for quite a while. Not that it should be imagined that I was an affluent man-about-town in those days. On the contrary I was struggling to promote a pop group I had taken on as manager, The Majority, a four-part harmony group much influenced by the Beach Boys and other West Coast bands.

The financial backers included Victor Lownes, the London supremo of the Playboy organization, and his friend and neighbour in Montpelier Square, the Kuwaiti business man Bader Al Mulla. And so it comes as no surprise that The Majority was the first band to have a long-running residency engagement at the newly opened nightspot.

The posted photo is very much 'of the time'. 

Victor's home and office was a place of amazing encounters,particularly when Bunnies were being auditioned. It was there that I first met Roman Polanski. And there was a girl I got to know there who was just about to collect her fluffy tail and Bunny ears... but she decided instead to get pregnant and become my wife number one.

I hope the new Playboy Club will feature in the biographies of bloggers forty-five years hence when a new bunch of old duffers look back on their glory days!

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