Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The spin-off from The Indpendent

My first thought on seeing the layout of the newspaper which launched today was that this was the interface designed for iPad or other eReader access. But no... this is the front page of the print edition. I shall be interested to see if it turns up on the racks of the international press kiosk at Munich railway station.

I find the design very good and I wonder if it will inspire any of the German press groups. 

Until now we have the WeltKompakt as an effort to modernize one of the traditional titles, using a sub-tabloid format. And there is also a reduced format edition of Bild Zeitung, which is ridiculous since it merely shrinks the normal tabloid edition and demands that readers can dela with typography as small as 6 point! 

At Bild innovation means putting out an edition in 3D!

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