Saturday, October 02, 2010

Where I am not!

Makes me sad, missing a second MIP (Marché Internationale des Programmes) after my years and years of regular attendance. I find it interesting, though, that the Cannes event is running in parallel with the Frankfurt Book Fair. Looking back a couple of decades there was in France an entirely separate conference for 'new digital media', first in Paris (Vidcom) and then later as a parallel but separate event in Cannes (Milia). Eventually, of course, there was convergence and now the spring and autumn MIPs are dominated by the digital which was once seen as a foreign body.

Everything I read about the Frankfurt fair underlines the importance of digital in what has been for so long a 'dead trees' sector.

In my crystal ball I see twenty years hence further convergence... MIP becoming MIC (Marché Internationale des Contenus). MIC South in March in Cannes... MIC North in October in Frankfurt!

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