Monday, November 15, 2010

A brilliant Grand Prix

Would I have preferred to watch the race in Germany, enjoying the superb coverage always delivered by the RTL channel? I think it would have been splendid to enjoy the patriotic pride in the achievement of Sebastian Vettel.

As fate would have it, I didn't watch the race on television at all. It turned out that the big screens in the FanZone across the street were not relaying the video from Yas Island. Nor was it possible in our office (that of a media company, it should be noted!) to find a channel broadcasting the event. 

The answer was to have two windows open on my computer. One delivered a real-time text ticker from the German ARD Sportschau. The other was the GoogleChat window which allowed me to exchange coments with my daughter in Maastricht during the entire event. And... just in time for the last laps... I found audio on Munich's Bayern 3 radio station whop reported the finish. So there was a touch of emotionality after all!

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