Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Friday in the Sandlands

Yesterday I took a good number of photos which I have uploaded as a Flickr set here.

Day six after my return to the UAE... the office closed... Friday as a truncated 'weekend'!

So no cappuccino at the Mugg and Bean outlet in the supermarket opposite the villa (nor even at the MacDo in the filling station nearby.) I settled for the makings of Nescafe I found in the villa's kitchen and filled the morning with work I had brought home. This was exceedingly virtuous, since it meant perching uncomfortably on the bed with my laptop, since my room has neither desk nor chair.

But then I resolved to explore whatever the Formula One FanZone might have to offer, the temporary site erected just across the Corniche (photographed from my office as seen on the left).

The real discovery had nothing to do with anything temporary or even automotive related. What I had not realized was that in the years of my absence a vast and superbly appointed beach has been reclaimed from the waters of the lagoon.

The amenities include not one but at least half-a-dozen cafes. I now know where my future Fridays will be spent... just a short stroll distant from the villa... at the beach with a paperback to read under the parasols in front of one of these cafes!

All in all, as my Flickr set hints, it was an afternoon which delivered plenty of impressions. None of them were related to this weekend's action on the Yas Island race circuit.

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