Sunday, December 26, 2010



When my available funds are minimal, I find it no real hardship to revert to my default nourishment mode. This means that that a hot restaurant dinner may be permitted no more than once, at the most twice a week.

Apart from the occasional microwaved curry, on most evenings I settle happily for cheese and crackers and my ration of white wine. For many a year I have been a cracker fanatic, insisting on the product of the Hug bakery imported from Switzerland, Darvida biscuits. And although they are not available in the UAE I find it reassuring that Cathedral City cheddar is as constantly stocked at Spinneys in Abu Dhabi as it is at Tengelmann in Munich.

I think, however, that Bath Olivers might be good substitute for my Swiss crackers. And as a Christmas season indulgence, a wee pot of Cropwell Bishop Stilton from was a permissible wee luxury!

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Jane Buckle said...

Dm are right there with you come the cheese/crackers taste! Hope you have a fantastic 2011