Monday, February 07, 2011

Munich, not Paris but wonderful nevertheless

What more could I have hoped for on Day One back in Munich? Now, mid-afternoon, the quicksilver has risen to 13 degrees and people are sitting in the sunshine at the tables outside Café Schwabing. That's warm sun from a sky as blue and cloudless as that I got so accustomed to seeing every day in Abu Dhabi!

Yesterday's flight was the usual agreeable Etihad experience. The captain was a man of humour who warned us of a rather turbulent flight and suggested that we eat quickly. Before landing he apologized for a the notable 'rock 'n' roll we had experienced... as if it had been his fault or that of the airline.

A massive surprise awaited at Munich airport, where it had been arranged that my ex would pick me up. She was not alone! My daughter had been pretending to engage in our chat sessions from her student flat in Maastricht but had in fact taken a quick trip to Munich in order to welcome Auld Da back with undending hugs. 

Could anything have been better? If I seek a tenuous pretext for posting the video below I might maintain that a return to Paris (including daughter surprise binus) might have been even more joyous... but only if Paris were truly the city so beautifully portrayed in this masterful piece of film making.

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