Monday, March 07, 2011

Blame it on my girls!

I had mentioned it en passant about ten days earlier, a clever device I had spotted in the electronics section of my favourite local department store, Karstadt. Branded Rollei (but surely not made in Germany?) it was a small scanner for 35mm negatives and framed slides.

And it was this mention that spurred my ex and my daughter to make this my birthday gift, for which I am hugely grateful. Thanks, girls!

In consequence there now starts a massive digitilaization project of the photos I shot with my Minolta SRT101 in the seventies and eighties. 

Do I not look bravely hopeful on that street in New York in 1978?

In the here and now I am also hopeful... that after a month back in Munich there will soon be an end to sub-zero overnight temperatures which means that whenever I leave the flat there are watering eyes and a running nose to contend with. The weather forecast hints that frosty days may soon be a thing of the past.

Bravely hopeful I remain!

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