Monday, April 11, 2011

Reading matters

While I claimed in a recent post that I would not be persuaded to buy a book on the basis of a promotional video I have responded to another clever publishers' trick.

The final pages of the last Jeffrey Deaver book I read offered a preview chapter of his next title, Edge. And so it jumped out at me from the display the next time I visited my usual store. 

It was a grand read and a further reminder of how skilled Deaver is. It speaks for his talent and track record that he is the author picked to carry the James Bond legacy further.

If I have any complaint about the Deaver ouitput it is that he has not re-visited two of the characters who gave some of his earliest books so much originalty. There was Pellam, the wry location scout, who appeared in three books. And Rune was the feisty female filmmaker heroine of another short series.

These were the series which made me a Deaver fan back in the early nineties.

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