Monday, May 16, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest

I did watch Saturday's broadcast until about mid-way through the results reporting segments. Many of the nobodies speaking from 43 far-flung television studios I found cringeworthy.

But surprisingly the 25 musical performances were for the most a part quite enjoyable. I was clever enough to use the minutes when the screen was occupied by the unspeakable Jedward to vanish into the kitchenette to crack another box of Chateau Tetrapak.

I did, however, use the SMS voting facility to cast my ballot for Azerbaidjan, partly on account of having met some very nice Azeri television people in Abu Dhabi a few years back

It was certainly the first time I have ever picked a Grand Prix winner since Abba...

1 comment:

nzm said...

I think that they won because everyone likes saying Azerbaijan!

Last year saw them almost win too, and they would have done so had Germany's Lena not been head-and-shoulders above the others. Some countries' judges did obey their morals to cast a conscience vote!

Talk about politcal voting - you can pretty much wager that most countries are going to give their neighbours the top scores.