Friday, May 27, 2011

The Long Desk

Digital disaster struck early yesterday afternoon. Skype suddenly vanished from my computer. Desolation!

For my daughter and I have for many, many months been accustomed to having the Skype messaging window permanently open when we are both online. It is for us like sitting at opposite ends of a long, long desk stretchng from Maastricht to Munich. Actual dialogue is sporadic, unless we are discussing such topics as focalization as a tool of literary analysis... Yeah... But the Long Desk is a comforting form of 'telepresence' and while Google Chat is an alternative tool our preference is for Skype.

Now the problem Skype had yesterday is not in any way related to their new tie-up with Microsoft and there was no BSOD to taunt us. Instead there was a clearly formulated 'fix' advisory which sent me deeper into 'hidden control folders' than I had ever ventured before. And... the fix worked. The Long Desk has been repaired. Phew!

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