Friday, May 06, 2011

Reading matters

'The next Stieg Larsson'... Not so sure about that, actually. Nesbo certainly has a better translator than Larsson had for the first book of his trilogy and so Nemesis was an easy read.

Oslo is a city I have visited only once, in the late sixties when a band I was managing did a short Scandinavian tour. I doubt if in those days it was as multi-culti as the city in which Inspector Harry Hole chases down wrong-doers.

Nemesis was a satisfactory piece of storytelling, although I long to chance upon a police officer who is not plagued by alcoholism.

Speaking of which, I had the feeling quite often that I had read the book before, although the translation was first published only last year. Probably just a delusion. I blame it on Chateau TetraPak, the plonk I always have at hand when turning the pages...

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