Sunday, May 08, 2011


I can't seem to find much coverage of the tool shown above, an app which allows aggregated RSS feeds to be displayed in a format resembling a magazine spread. Much more mention has been made of something similar which is, alas, reserved for the lucky owners of iPads. Zeen is now in open beta and I plan to play around with it and see whether in the course of time a link to my feed could replace the 'My Reader' listing on the left... 

At this stage it is still a bit buggy and does not reliably display the visuals associated whith all of the posts, but this will probably change.

The TDL sufix is .me but whether this means to operation is based in Montenegro or that they have gone for a cute self-referential touch I have not yet discovered.

There's also the vague hunch that there is transmedia sotrytelling potential lurking here...

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