Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh boy, Playboy!

In Munich I am not able to watch Sky News. But back in Britain wife one can. And today she told me in an email that she had watched this item concerning High Hefner's plan to return to London with a re-invented Playboy Club. 

And in the very first minute of the Sky report there is footage from the original London Playboy Club which was a landmark on Park Lane in the mid-sixties.

What explains our interest? Firstly, I met wife one just after she applied to be a Bunny on Park Lane. She got pregnant and married me instead. Secondly, the boys in the checked shirts in the HD screen cap above belonged to a band called The Majority which I had discovered in Yorkshire (five part harmony, Beach Boys style) and then brought to the Smoke and managed for a couple of years until such time as my lack of business acumen became abundantly clear!

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