Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading matters

It was on the 28th of May that I wrote of my unfortunate encounter with the writing, and above all with the political propagandist tone, of Brad Thor. Followers of the Sandlander may have imagined that after this shock I simply stopped reading.

Not so. The five titles shown above were all enjoyable reads, three of them from established journeyman writers and two from relative newcomers whose progress I shall certainly follow. One of these was thirty-year-old Chris Morgan Jones with his first novel Agent of Deceit and the second Peter Cocks, an author who has in the past collaborated with Mark Billingham with his first thriller, Long Reach.

There was, however, in the intervening weeks since my last post under this heading the immense pleasure of reading a work which, as the first semester of 2001 comes to an end, is a strong contender for my personal 'book of the year' nod. 

But that will be the subject of another post.

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