Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stroke. Art Fair 3

There was an entire section of the art fair devoted to digital imagery displayed on big screen monitors provided by a generous sponsor. But with so many tangible artworks on display the binary ephemera seemed strangely unsatisfying and lacking in appeal. Were there JPGs for sale, perhaps on USB sticks? I didn’t bother to find out.

My only purchase at the fair… I was admittedly tempted by many of the limited edition teeshirts but also mindful of the fact that I have always had a pectorally challenged torso… was a book. It has only sixteen pages but it is printed on the kind of stiff board used for jigsaw puzzles. On seven double-page spreads the book presents seven illustrations by the E-Boy trio of artists.

I have rejoiced in E-Boy visuals for years. But I have never spent the ‘reading’ time they require when I have found them on the web and viewed them on the computer screen. Printed on glossy cardboard, however, they kept me fascinated for hours. And I know full well that there will always be new discoveries to be made when ever I make a return visit to E-Boy’s urban fantasy visualizations. They invite and almost trance-like contemplation as if intended as the stained-glass windows of the twenty-first century, secular but thought-provoking, inspiring but irreverent.

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