Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reading matters

I might watch series like Jersey Shore and all manner of other televisual trash if were able to invest in a decent digital flat-screen set to replace the ancient analogue Sony. Not that I wish to hasten the demise of books, but I have done the maths.

Even a relatively comprehensive multi-channel cable subscription would cost me less per month than my eight or even more paperbacks in a similar period. But... no! My concept of budgeting is very simple: Pay rent, utilities and comms and buy only what you can eat, drink, smoke and read!

Although I have not posted under this heading for over a month I have continued reading. There have not been any books as deplorable as the novel by Brad Thor which shocked me some two months ago. Most of my purchases were of work by the 'usual suspects' but none moved me to blog about them. Sophie Hannah's psychological thriller Lasting Damage intrigued me, given that the structure pointed in the direction of transmedia storytelling... but that's another story.

I shall at some point comment on two books which I am planning to read a second time, both by Scottish writers. They need a second read due to the fact that my own current work-in-progress All Too Near is set in the land of my birth, but a land that I am not all that familiar with. After well over two hundred manuscript pages I am starting to wonder whether my own writing should not refelct the fact that willy-nilly Germany seems to be my home...

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