Monday, July 04, 2011

Weekend Video 2


This all needs a wee bit of explanation. Yes, it is well known that I have a weakness for all styles of pop music featuring vocal harmony. But... bear with me.

Dreams can be very strange. Now I am not in the habit... said to be a very useful one for the creatively inclined... of keeping a pad close to my bed on which to note down tags or keywords which can help to retain the narrative of a reverie which would otherwise evanish with the first cup of coffee.

But this morning I did reach for a pen to note down a name which had been part of my dream, Louise Despointes. This does go back a while, to the seventies in Paris. Louise I would not count as one of my muses, she was simply part of the clique. She was first a model then later she opened her own agency in which I was for a while a shareholding partner, City Models. But for me Louise was mainly the very lovely wife of a good friend, Steve Hiett, who is awesomely talented as graphic designer, photographer and... musician.

Which explains the video. 

Funny about dreams, huh? Maybe Louise has been around in my deep subconscious much more than I have been aware of. Is it pure coincidence that I named a protagonist in one of my earlier manuscripts Louisa Garethsforth... properly Lady Louisa Garethsforth... and attributed to her an upper-crust but colonial background?  As I recall Steve's lady came from Martinique.

Okay, enough. But a feel-good video, a pretty girl and a way-out photo add up to a decnt post, methinks!

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