Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Video 1

This should be tagged 'car porn' and, yes, I earn my living by translating stories about automobiles. But that's not the reason for this post...

Munich is a city with enough well-to-do residents to ensure that in certain neighbourhoods you'll see amazing cars pass by as you laze in the sun (over 30 degrees for the past week) at a sidewalk café. Bentleys, Astons, Lambos cruise with almost monotonous regularity. The occasional Wiessman or a Gumpert does add an exotic note.

But over the past weeks I have spotted an amazingly beautiful white convertible, a design which made me think back... to the Lincoln Continental MK II? No, this one is too small, but definitely a bit retro...

Anyway, a bit of Saturday morning Googling enabled me to find it. 
The vendor's video is really rather sweet, but I cannot imagine a better setting for such a car. I wonder how the T-Bird I admire from the terrasse of Caf´Schwabing came to turn up in Bavaria?

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