Saturday, September 10, 2011

This afternoon's 'Saturday Play'

On BBC Radio 4 this afternoon, an audio drama reconstructing the events of the 11th of September 2011. Gripping... terrifying... It makes one terribly sorry for the President one that day, never mind how nuanced our view of him became thereafter.

"Michael Eaton's drama reconstructs a chaotic day, when communications failed, protocols were abandoned; radar signals were misinterpreted and rescue aircraft came close to being shot down. It was a day that united America and saw tremendous acts of personal sacrifice and courage, but alongside the immediate response to the crisis there was also a hidden tussle for power and control, with some of Bush's key lieutenants moving swiftly to press an agenda that would determine US foreign policy for the remainder of the Bush presidency and put in place -'The War on Terror'."

Here is the link to the play on the BBC iPlayer.

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