Monday, October 03, 2011

Weekend Video 1

They call him "l'enfant terrible de la cançó catalana." And Albert Pla-Àlvarez collaborates from time to time with Judit Farrés, actor and musician... and in the clip posted a slightly unusual performance artist.

The show reminds me of stuff we experimented with in London at venues like the Arts Lab and, in particular, at the Round House when The Living Theatre visited at the end of the sixties.

Oddly enough this came to my attention while researching Puerto Escocés, where once at a place called Caledonia Bay there was an attempt at the close of the seventeenth-century to establish a Scottish colony on the isthmus of Panama. It failed badly.

I should point out that the manuscript which is my 'work in progress' hints at a seriously dystopian outcome for a Scotland striving for independence.

And... again oddly enough... one of the 'good guys' in my narrative is as casually exhibitionist as Judit Farrés in the video.

Research... given the sometimes surprising links Google is inclined to make... can be serendipitous in the extreme.

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