Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ken Russell

I must admit that Ken Russell was not a film director whose oeuvre meant a lot to me. But then I was not a fan of Fellini either, very much preferring Antonioni.

But The Boyfriend was a movie I well remember! Partly this was due to the fact that Twiggy starred in this quirky film, in her first acting role. And Russel was the person who gave her that chance. However I was the first person to think... back in 1965... that maybe the very, very young model could possibly sing...

I can't grow peaches on a cherry tree. 

I have Twiggy's very first recording somewhere, cut on an acetate... must try to find it.
More recollection of my early years in Paris, days of a trio of friends comprising an Englishman, a Scotsman and a Hungarian. If I remember correctly, the Scotsman saw The Boyfriend only once. But the Englishman and the Hungarian probably saw the film over a dozen times. One is entitled to ask what they had been smoking!

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