Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scotland again...

This is a screen cap from a twenty-minute video about Scottish whisky, in which this pretty lass with a lovely accent introduces the viewers to one of the largest whisky collections ever assembled.

This she is explaining to a group of Bavarians, who have headed for Scotland with a few barrels of a premium beer brewed at Aying, just outside Munich. And the experiment the visitors have in mind is to make the beer barrels available for the final maturing of selected whiskies by a pair of distillers. The resulting usquebaugh varieties will be available for sampling at a gastronomy fair in Munich next February.

So far, so good.

The reason I post this is a phone call I received last week, from a sound engineer I must have worked with only once and about two years ago. Not only did he need a voicer to narrate the English version of the video, but he wondered whether I could deliver the text with a Scottish accent.

It so happened that the day I worked with him was one when I was wearing the kilt! Having four kilts means that each gets worn once a month, making for a regular weekly appearance of my bare knees to compete with the wearers of Bavarian Lederhosen.

Hitherto I have always seen this as just an indulgence in a mild form of eccentricity.

But this time the result was a nice little fee for translation and voiceover work... a highly satisfactory outcome!

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