Sunday, November 20, 2011

Side effects

On the one hand, I have never, ever in the course of quite a long life held a driver's license. On the other hand, for over six years now my professional life has revolved around media devoted to all things automotive.

I fear this specialization is colouring my approach to life in general. I certainly perk up whenever I see parked on a Munich street a wonderful veteran or classic car model with the terminal 'H' (for historic) suffixed on the license plate... 

My ex-wife is currently in a Munich clinic recovering well from a hip replacement operation. The visual posted above was my idea for a motivational teeshirt... German license plate, of course, since she is German. WIth the white-and-blue Bavarian crest since she was born here in Munich... convenient that cars registered in the city all start with 'M' which happens also, by fortunate coincidence, to stand for her first name, with 'S' and 'T' completing the set of her initials. 1956... the year of her birth, of course.

The German text reads "Spare parts? Understandably!".

The teeshirt got a broad grin and we can be confident that very soon MST will be zooming around with renewed, impeccably maintained, vigour!

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Jessi said...

Still a wonderful idea!