Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chilly prospects

Early yesterday The Times caught up with the story online as shown in the screen cap above.

This is how The Guardian put it this morning...

"EU leaders promptly agreed to bypass Britain and establish a new accord on the Euro among themselves by March. The EU appeared poised to line up 26-1 against Cameron in support of the Franco-German blueprint, leaving Britain utterly isolated."

I see outside that there is a flurry of snow on the roofs opposite. But this is not what makes me shiver.

David Cameron claims that his decision was based on his commitment to 'safeguarding the City of London'. This, above all, is what depresses me hugely. Had he been determined to protect a significant and traditional British industry... the builders of ships, the makers of steel, engineering innovators... I might even have applauded Cameron's stand.

But what he seeks to 'safeguard' is the financial service industry, a sector which has boomed in the past two decades. Speculators who often have little connection with either British society or culture... chancers from all over the globe who find London the ideal environment for their greedy and self-serving gambling... a wunch of bankers shamelessly giving credence to the claims of the Occupy protesters that it truly is a matter of 99:1 when taking that disgusting annual bonus.

Not only do I shiver, I cringe.

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