Friday, December 16, 2011

I very much like the latest from Banksy. It is said to be a comment on the paedophile scandals in the Church, an expression of protest.

Gradually I am becoming tired of assertions that the Occupy protestors do not articulate any new strategy of their own. Protesters are not, in my view, obliged so to do. In parliamentary democracies we accept the spectacle of professional politicians with their snouts deep in a well-filled trough. But our expectation is that their deliberations will lead to laws which are for the great good of as many as possible of those they represent. When these expectations are not fulfilled there are two options. One is 'revolution'... the trough will be seized... the other is 'protest'... the loud cry of those who find the situation intolerable and articulate a demand for change.

But making those changes remains the job of the politicians.


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