Friday, December 23, 2011

The People's Post

As many of you know, my weekday schedule demands that I leave the comfort of my flat in Schwabing in order to head through wintry Munich to my client's offices. There I upload the day's stories into their system and build the updated web pages.

I must admit that since the weather has entered the 'brass monkeys' zone I have more and more often in the past couple of weeks done the upload and page-build remotely, even if the screen of my laptop is too small to deal with a tool-set which really calls for a 26 inch display.

But I digress, as usual.

When I do brave the elements it involves turning off Radio 4 at three o'clock. For the past weeks this has meant shutting down at the end of each episode of a wonderful documentary series, The People's Post. This series has not only given a comprehensive history of the Royal Mail but also fascinating insights into the development of Britain's postal service over the centuries and highlighting aspects of its political, technical and cultural significance many of which were new to me.

Any of us who choose to call ourselves 'communicators' will certainly not regret using the BBC iPlayer to listen to the podcasts now available of the most recent episodes of The People's Post.

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