Saturday, January 28, 2012

On being followed

I am being followed by a naked girl!

Which, given my seventy-second birthday a matter of a month away, is something which merits note. The days when young, scantily clad or happily unclad girls were among the 'professional hazards' of my life are long over, the latter years of the seventies fondly recalled.

The video below provides some context as well as the slightly cheesy title music from the movie 'Laura Moore' which in 1979 bore the signature of my then employer, David Hamilton.

The production budget was quite low which explains why... although credited above the title (at least on some, if not all, of the posters) as co-producer... I also appeared in two sequences as an extra, in the background... wearing my own Ralph Lauren white blazer and serving champagne... (about 1 minute and 16 seconds into the clip).

This was a movie with no lack of nudity, notably that of the delightful Dawn who during the post-production in Paris was my very welcome flat-mate. But that was then and this is now.

 My follower... she is merely a subscriber to my Tumblr blog. But although she was not born back when we made that movie she is a fan of David Hamilton's photography which, I find, is enjoying a renaissance on the web. And since she is a model, a performance artist, very often joyously naked and... I suspect... possessed of an acute sense of silliness I do feel that this entitles me to make the claim...

I am being followed by a naked girl! What fun!

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