Monday, February 27, 2012

"The BBC World Service has been housed in Bush House since 1941. For over 70 years it has broadcast from this home in The Strand; through a World War, Cold War, decolonisation throughout Africa, the Iranian Revolution, Perestroika, Tiananmen Square, two Gulf Wars and into the new Millennium. Now it's leaving Bush, to join the rest of BBC News in one building elsewhere in London."

The World Service will, of course, continue when it is based in Broadcasting House. This is an institution which is about my own age but it was also a station I listened to often after we emigrated as a family to the United States when I was in my mid-teens. After bedtime I listened to the radio, when on medium wave I could receive the signal from WBZ in Boston and on short wave I could catch up on the news.

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