Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend video 1

While we are considering automotive excesses in Araby... as in the previous post... here is video irresponsibly celebrating the Sandlands version of hoonage, which in Arabic seems to be called 'hagwalah'.

The video seems to have been shot in Ouarzazate in Morocco, which is not uninteresting. The city is renowned for being Morocco’s very own Hollywood. With its array of state-of-the-art film studios, Ouarzazate has been the production site of several blockbuster hits such as the Academy Award Winner Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra to name a few.

The director of the video is Romain Garvas, the son of the respected cinĂ©aste Costa-Gavras. Romain Gavras also made the highly controversial Born Free video with M.I.A. described by Douglas Haddow in The Guardian as "a kick to the gut or a wink and a nudge depending on how you look at it."

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